Dear Working Ranch Mom

Dear working ranch mom,

I see you.

I see you trying to maintain balance between all aspects of life, new and old.

I see you trying to nail your career while also trying to have some quality family time.

I see you trying to do the same tasks on the ranch that you once did before kids, yet now with a baby or multiple in tow and sometimes having to say “I can’t”.

I see you trying to find time for your relationship while also wanting to spend every spare second you have with your kid(s).

I see you trying to create and grow a side business that you’re wildly passionate about while other people tell you and look at you like you’re crazy.

I see you up at 3am with a sick baby that just wants to be cuddled, knowing you have conference calls and important meetings the entire day ahead that require nothing short of you're A game.

I see you drinking many, many cups of coffee a day... just to survive.

I see you trying to work all day, have family time at night, while also trying to put a decent meal on the table… and feeling guilty when you have to pick-up dinner on the way home instead.

I see you at the grocery store, Target, or Wal-Mart on your lunch break in an attempt to make perfect use of your extra ten whole minutes in the day.

I see you pumping in your car on your way to work, in between work, at work, on conference calls, or on your way home because you know in your heart that is what your baby needs from you.

I see the piles of laundry and the dirty house.

I see you trying to please everyone.

I see you having to make hard choices and give things up that you once enjoyed but are now less of a priority after children.

I see the quiet tears that occasionally stream down your face because sometimes it all comes on at once and you just need a moment to let the stress go and regroup.

But. I also see you feeling overwhelmingly grateful that you have all of these incredible opportunities and people in your life.

I also see you loving all these new challenges. Because, let’s be honest, you were raised to never back down from a challenge.

I also see you shopping for the little one’s first pony even before he/she can walk knowing full well no matter how much you pay for said pony, it’s still going to be a complete jerk.

I also see you already giving your baby the older, retired Border Collie, because ranch life is about learning responsibility and how to care for God’s creatures early on.

I also see you recognizing that while it may be next to impossible some days, the majority of the time you are a better mom because you are a working mom.

I also see you taking such pride in teaching your children what our way of life is all about and knowing the previous generations would be thrilled to see you raising the future of the ranch.

I also see you dreaming of all the amazing experiences your little cowgirl or cowboy is yet to have growing up on the ranch. Simply put, there is nothing better than seeing ranch life through a little’s eyes.  

Dear working ranch mom, I see you, I am proud of you, I am you, and I am here for and with you. Keep going. We’ve got this.



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