Coyote Ridge Products

We've teamed up with a local professional kitchen to focus on expanding our Dot Seven Beef product line and using even more of the animal. We are excited to launch our brand new product line: Coyote Ridge. Our new products include: 

Coyote Ridge Seasonings

  • Santa Maria style- perfect for tri-tip, steak, veggies. 
  • Tex Mex style- pairs with fajitas, tacos, burritos, etc.

​Coyote Ridge Broth

  • Gourmet Bone Broth- your traditional and nutritious broth perfect to drink alone or use to add flavor to any recipe.
  • Gourmet Beef Bouillon- a more intense flavored broth made from simmered bones and offal, with a hint of tomato paste that is packed with nutrition and flavor. 
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Coyote Ridge Beef Rubs
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Our Santa Maria Style is summer in a bottle! This savory rub is a classic take on the famous Santa Maria Style BBQ. This rub is perfect for beef, poultry, pork, seafood, wild game, & vegetables.  Tex-Mex means comfort food....

Santa Maria Style
Tex Mex Style
Coyote Ridge Gourmet Beef Bouillon
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On the Dot Seven Ranch we believe in keeping it clean & simple. We use only beef bones and offal sourced from our cattle along with herbs, sea salt, vegetables, tomato paste & filtered water. That's it!  Our bouillon comes frozen...

Individual Pouches for local pickup or to add to a beef order
4 Pack
8 Pack